Why us

Effective Learning vocableader DVD is Knowledge pool created from and by the experienced teachers from National and International boundaries, who have years of experience in teaching English to the masses from myriad background. Accessibility You can memorise vocabulary words at your own convenience of your home or office, Anytime & Anywhere.

Flexibility The vocableader DVD runs on all windows & Ubuntu/Linux operating systems. The DVD is compatible with all the version of Windows including the current version, Windows 8 .You can use the same DVD to study in different premises, home, office, cyber caf├ęs or at a friend’s place. Cost effective and non-time consuming The vocableader DVD has brought the best kept secrets from the World of Education and have made it Possible and Accessible to the students and individuals who wish to learn through this technique, at a Very Affordable Price.

Availability of this technique of learning in the comforts of your home & offices contributes to a Major Time Saving and also save on your Cost to acquire such Knowledge. The Team Our dedicated team of teachers from both National and International borders are highly knowledgeable and have years of experience and expertise in teaching English to the masses from varied background. The team has come together to focus their knowledge and years of expertise in formation of this revolutionary method of learning.


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