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Name:- Remuvika Rating:- 4/5 Review :- As I am from Rajasthan, my primary education was mostly Hindi based and had a really less touch with English and this paid me a lot in a negative sense when I started looking for a job.Usually people like me has to face a lot of problem to crack a simple interview and it become worse when you are actually really good at academics but dont know how to express yourself. Well I was actually introduced to english when I got admission in Delhi University college where 80% of the crowd belongs to a english medium background .It was really tough to adjust to this new english environment but somehow within first two years, I managed to grab some often used phrases and sentences to get with my mates pace but gradually I realized that bounding myself to a limited number of words and sentences is not enough so I started learning new words but again just reading out new words is not enough .Its about remembering those words and to use them in daily life. I sorted it out through a special technique taught by vocableader that not only makes you remember thousands of words in a quick time but also helps you in remembering them for lifetime. Their technique is based on relating already known things to newly introduced words . So its actually not letting you remembering those words, it actually helps you to create a photographic memory that imprints in you brain which is more active.There are some examples that I think I should share with you all. Delicious= Delhi+ see+us Monopoly= MONU(Name)+POLYthene With this technique, I was actually able to learn around 5000 words in a span of three weeks(Depending upon your interest).The whole secret comes in a form of DVD or Pendrive which ever you choose and set of words are divided in sessions that lets you learn through Audio and visual tecniques.I would definitely recommend vocableader to every one who belongs to English language and wants to excel in this language. Name:- Kritika Mittal Rating:- 5 /5 Review :-Vocab leader is the one stop which helps you to enhance your Vocabulary in just limited hours. It provides number of words to memorize on the daily basis. It is a great platform for the ones who are keen of learning good vocabulary and improve their skills in making sentences. By providing numerous different words, they helps you in building up your confidence and achieving your aims successfully. Name:- Shalini Rating:- 5 /5 Review:- Sir I have got my pen-drive drive videos are working in pen-drive but when I copy videos from pen-dive to my laptop it asks me to activate .is there any key to activate them on my laptop . actually sir my brother live in banglore he is doing mba from there he also wants to learn words as he found your videos very interesting but when it copy them it asks for key . one more thing sir I am trying to call you from more than 3 hours but your mobile is not reachable sir call me back my order number is 32132173588 . sir thank you your videos are awesome sir please call me FaceBook reviews Name:- Pooja Gupta Rating:- 5 /5 Review:-its really awesome ! my exam is over now i am rating you as i promised on phone if it will help me i will rate you with 5 stars . so i kept my promise. Name:- Poonam Rana Rating:- 5 /5 Review:-it helped me a lot and saved my time ! thank you Name:- Gaurav Kamboj Rating:- 5 /5 Review:-Best product for GRE exam preparation,Great video and audio quality. I received my order on time.All the concept for GRE exam is clearly mentioned.


vocableader is proud to announce the best kept secrets from the world of education countering all the problems related to English vocabulary. Unique vocableader video lectures.Now easily accessible and affordable to all the students and individual who have the passion to improve and excel in their respective competitive exams, preparation for interview and corporate communication.


About vocableader vocableader is proud to announce the best kept secrets from the world of education countering all the problems related to English vocabulary. Feel the power of Knowledge.

Vocab leader

We are proud to announce that the best kept secret enables a student technique in the field of education that will counter all the problems related to English vocabulary ; Unique vocableader video lectures.

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Customer's Reviews

  Pops 302  (India)

very rude people they will just tell what you will ask only ! Do not put efforts to give additional information ! no marketing skills

  Yee Kin Cheong  (China)


  Sumit Gupta  (India)

Fuck you bastards learn some atticates to talk on phone while i was asking my queries why the guy who picked phone interrupting me in between ! what ever good material you have but if your staff does not know how to talk to customers in professional way it all waste ! If you will interrupt some one while asking some thing he will get annoyed !

  N. Shanmugavadivel  (India)

i have lost my laptop in train where i was having your videos contact me as early as possible i am having exam next month ! Why you do not have customer service at night if some body want your help i am very disappointed !

  Sarojini N  (India)

i am very impressed as i am have learned so words very quickly with these videos in 9 days only

  Esther Olabisi  (United States)

I am from an English speaking country even i was not aware about such words ! Linking technique of words looking great i found it interesting way to memorize

  Rahul Solanki  (India)

It is very easy to learn words with your videos i have learned till letter P it could have been much easier if i can use them in my mobile as i discussed with you .

  Rezwan Mahmod Shuvo  (Bangladesh)

i am preparing for Bangladesh Civil Service i found these videos very helpful !

  md fuhad  (Pakistan)

you Indians be in you limits ! Otherwise our army and Imran Khan will teach you . 1965 ki jung bhul gaye ho kya - pakistan army zindabaad

  nasim siddik  (India)

I was not aware about this kind of vocab learning method available my brother in law working in qatar told me ! i will take your videos shortly

  Rakesh Kumar  (Bangladesh)

অনলাইনে কেনার কার্ড না থাকায় শেষ পর্যন্ত কখনই এই ভিডিওগুলি পেয়েছি আমি দীর্ঘ সময়ের জন্য অপেক্ষা করছিলাম

  Nikola Obradovic  (Slovenia)

These videos proved a great help for me as i heard lot about about them in my IELTS exam

  Paul Lesieur  (France)

Simple and easy way to learn English.

  emily davis  (Cote dIvoire)

It was my first online purchase some thing i was very afraid . I paid with pay pall for my security but i am satisfied with their service and good videos ! I am addling my experience for people like me

  Madlen Aram  (Bulgaria)

I am highly impressed with your way of teaching now i am also using same technique as a part of my teaching program in my country Bulgaria i have learned a lot from your video lectures !

  Kazibwe Sam  (Uganda)

i am from Kampala how can i get admission in Indian good university some one can guide me !

  tisha olivia  (Kenya)

I am very grateful to you for your help which your videos proved to me at last moment of my exam.

  Mohammed Abdul Rahim Babikier  (India)

Can i become re seller of your product i am guntur here lots of college and lot of student . i have taken your vocab program its very help full in competitive exams. if i can show it to students here i am sure i will be able to sell it to huge number of students. contact me asap looking forward for positive response

  Bryan Ahaya  (Kenya)

thank you for your support now i can watch video in my another system ! i have written good comment about you because of your help

  justine akama  (Australia)

It is inspiring to find a site like that very promising way to improve vocabulary for competitive exams. I found this website satisfactory though i have just ordered few minutes back i got links to download i am downloading these it look satisfactory !They have an online helper to guide ! product comes in two formats online download and pen drive .

  Ashe Avarosan  (India)

Struggled with English language since an early age, was only able to speak in my Indian language, since using i am using vocab video from this site I have found a lot of improvement in my English ! Though i bought these for my rrb exam they have made it very easy to remember words

  Tendai Mashamba  (India)

With their amazing learning techniques l could retain a wide array of words and their meaning thus improving my writing skills too . Thank you!

  maxim maxim  (Romania)

Well, i don`t know what to start with first. This is super useful, it is exactly the services i needed. good job 😍😍😍😘.

  Kevin Thompson  (United States)

I am always improving my English, and English vocabulary for competitive exams helps me do that, I do not even know what I would do without it. Only here is the correct and clear vocabulary for those who want to master English perfectly.

  Aser Dada  (Palestine)

you have good collection of pictures and video it makes engaging . i do not get bored while learn words from your video. kudos to you . i learned this words from your video "kudos" now using for it for first time

  michelle angelie Gozon  (Philippines)

I have listened a lot from many people about you vocabulary list what is special in it contact me on my Emil id which i have submitted while posting comment

  Mary Mandit  (Serbia)

If anyone wants to improve their capabilities, this is the best opportunity. In some situations, even business, I had limited vocabulary, I felt like I was missing words to express myself, but now I no longer have that problem. I am satisfied and recommended to my friends

  Vyps Ramsha  (India)

Being a English faculty i highly admire your way of teaching words actually we need to transform our educational system with some innovative methods like this . Do not stop guys use your expertise for other subjects as well !

  lozooki gamer  (Algeria)

Very excellent service, i am writing my gre next week i am done with your words will you recommend any thing else for me . thanks in advance 😍😍

  Robert Anderson  (United States)

I wish I could have find it early as i have attempted gre once but my score is not satisfactory i am struggling with vocabulary yesterday only i came to know about you from my mentor as he told me you have very selected words ! Its looking great method let me try

  Nanaman720 .  (Australia)

Let me see how it helps me in PTE exam which i going to appear in few days to come i need to have good vocab for it

  brian sawe  (India)

Amazing. It will go hand in hand in improving how people communicate with each other plus its good for my ssc exam

  peter kagwe  (India)

why your phone is not reachable non sense i want to buy your videos !

  Francisca Bonsu  (Ghana)

First of all i would like to thank you ! I am a place from very less facilities available for exam like gre but i have done it successfully your videos proved a great help for me ! i scored 305 in gre i could have done far better but here is not such classes no guidance ! Any way thank you so much for your great videos

  myrill barrete  (Italy)

The tactics are really great and simple! Thanks for this excellent walkthrough. It helps me a lot to remember those vocabularies at ease. This is very timely and relevant for me and I even cascade this some of my friends. Keep it up!

  Juan Chacon  (Venezuela)

Excellent work guys ,i appreciate it & i need it any how but i can not afford it to avail it please consider me as a special case and give it ! Please team vocab Please ! I am looking for a positive reply from you ! Please send it to my email id which i have already submitted

  Avey Santez  (Albania)

Been using your product for a few months now and I’m geniunly impressed. I have few exams coming very soon but your products made it so easy for me . I Just wanted to show appreciation and gratitude for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you!

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